When will I receive the tracking number and when it will be functional ?

The tracking number will be in the system as soon as the package was shipped and it could take up to 4 days before it will be functional and you’ll be able to track your order.

How can I rate and review the products and provided service?

Here you can find a third party site that evaluate our products and services.  Furthermore, you can comment and rate our product right on our site.

What happens in the case the items are damaged in transit/shipping? (or other shipping related issues)

If you should receive your package and you find damaged items or different or less items than you ordered, please take some pictures of the products and package and send them via e-mail to [email protected]. We replace only packages that look real before you opened and removing from original package. Once you have unwrapped everything, pictures aren’t going to be considered, so please provide as much documentation as possible to be sure we can reship and prevent the same problems from occurring again.

What happens if packages are returned?

The packages that are sent back are lost, we’ll not receive them back, so can’t resend them. Please provide the correct address.  If it was our mistake, we will replace it, but if the address that you provide was incorrect, we can not replace it.

What happens if my package is seized (international shipment only)?

If your package was seized, please provide us with a seizure letter and we will resend your product.

What if there is a delivery delay ?

Generally, we can find out where a given parcel is by its order number. Keep in mind local, national and/or state holidays can make mail delivery slow during certain times of year (i.e. Christmas, etc…).

What is the MINIMUM ORDER amount ?

There is no minimum order

At what point should I be concerned if my order hasn’t arrived yet ?

Please allow at least 10 working days for domestic (don’t count weekends) from the moment the package was sent, and 25 days for international, before you inquire about a late order.

How do I use the tracking tool

You can track your order by entering your email and order number.  This will not only give you your tracking number but also the status of your package.

How big should my P.O. Box be ?

It doesn’t matter.  UPS holds your package and you get a hold in your mailbox.  You would have to take the note and exchange for your package the UPS counter.  This goes the same for USPS as well

Should I use my home address or a P.O.Box ?

Our recommendation is to use home address because PO BOXes can get more attention than home addresses. If you don’t have a clean home address, you can rent a PERSONAL MAIL BOX (PMB) because the address on the letter will look like a home address or you can also rent a PO BOX. UPS POBOX placed that sign in your place are best.

Does my mail require a signature ?

No it does not require a signature

When are packages typically shipped ?

We generally ship out the next day

When will my products arrive ?

After we ship the products, please allow 30 working days for arrival (don’t count weekends). Of course, it can arrive faster, this being the maximum time frame. We ensure that all packages are shipped with maximum discretion and are prepared with the utmost care and precaution.

How can I contact you guys

You can contact us on email [email protected] or by creating a ticket on the website in My account section or by leaving us a message in Contact Us section.

What do I do after I have transferred funds ?

You can wait for your tracking number after you have finish paying.  Your order will transform from pending payment to processing

How do I order ?

Choose the products you want to order from the shop (by clicking on Add to Cart). After adding all needed products in your shopping cart , go to Basket and in the page that opens you will be able to see all the ordered products and will be able to ADD/EDIT SHIPPING ADDRESS, view the SHIPPING METHOD, enter a PROMO CODE. Once you finished, click the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button and you will be redirected to a page where you will be able to choose your PAYMENT METHOD.

How much will I pay for shipping ?

It is 20 dollar flat for all orders.